Judaism in the World

One of the religions that you can practice in the world is Judaism. This is one of the most common religions that you can find. In most countries, you will find this belief. There are many interesting facts that lie around Judaism. No matter where in the world you believe in Judaism, the beliefs, the practices, and the signs are all the same. Here are some interesting facts about Judaism that you can find in all parts of the world.

What Judaism actually means

The name Judaism means of the kingdom of Judah. There are about 14million people that beliefs in Judaism. This religion is a religion that is available for hundreds of years. Judaism begins approximately about 2000 BCE of Abraham.

The belief is all over the world, but it originated from Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. In the old world, it was known as Southern Levant. The founder if this belief was Abraham and Moses.

What they believe in

Different religions believe in different things. With the Judaism, they believe there is just one God, Yahweh that should be praised.

They believe that God took special care of the Hebrews. The Hebrews became Judaism later on. There are many other things that they believe in, that other religions don’t believe in. There are also some of their beliefs that are the same or similar to the Christians.

An example is the fact that they believe that there is only one God. And, that Moses was the one that God gives the 10 commandments to.

There are some of the Judaism believes that not all the Jews people believe in. However, there are also some of the beliefs that is sacred and that every Jews believe in. learn more from http://www.hey-waiter.com/religious-humor/

Some practices that they have

religion christianityThere are some common practices that the Jews believe that is different from other religions. With the Jews, they believe in circumcise after birth and they also have the bar/bat mitzvah at adulthood. This is a feast where a child is actually becoming an adult.

There are also some prayers services that the men should go to and they are wearing tallit and tefilin wear. This is the tallit and tefilin that is making the Jews stand out from the rest of the religions. They don’t celebrate Christmas, and their main holidays are Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and Purim. The Jews are just one of a few religions that don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

Judaism is a religion that started 2000 years BCE and most of the Jews are coming from Israel, Pakistan and Jordan. This is a religion that has some similarities with the Christians, but there are also huge differences. Like the Christians are celebrating Christmas, but the Jews are celebrating Hanukkah. There are a couple of interesting facts about Judaism and Jews. The one thing that is well known is that they are having a prayer service every Friday and there are people all over the world that are Jews and different countries, but with the same beliefs, and practices. get full info here!

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