Waiting for the Good Times to Roll

Now if you are one of those persons who has just begun to serve diners at one of those classy restaurants in the city, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the role.  And you might also be a bit upset by the way you are treated by the customers.  After all, you are a waiter, not a servant who is at the customer’s beck and call.

But your profession has its own rules and standards.  And one of them requires that you not display your feelings towards that occasional unruly guest or customer who wants to display his superiority by treating you as a serf.  That is the time when you must take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are the professional, while the customer may have very deep pockets, he in fact has a shallow level of intelligence and manners.

It is events like these that you will want to share with your friends and peers who’ve come in contact with similar persons in their own experience.  Other youths who have gone into the business often find that they can enjoy themselves gathering together with their peers at a party of picnic where they can share their latest experiences among each other.  Such discussions and humor are as much hot topics as the latest wardrobe items that can be purchased from Hot Topics when you take advantage of the best Groupon coupon deals that are available.  These days you can get the latest tee shirts and outfits that will make you look great in time for Thanksgiving or for the fall concerts and festivals coming up.  And you can also find just the item for your little brother or sister who is always badgering you for not getting them something every time you shop.  Take advantage of a Groupon coupon to get them something to wear for their Thanksgiving holiday or for the upcoming cosplay event.

Then you can return to your job and continue learning your craft.  Because while that customer didn’t show it, many folks who regularly dine at your restaurant really hold their waiters in high esteem and depend upon them for advice, recommendations and information.  So for each boor you encounter you will meet other decent people that you will feel honored to know.

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Steven Reed